Cable TV Rates

Cable TV Rates

All rates are per month.

Installation fee $25.
Existing outlets included in the install.
Home wiring for extra outlets will be charged at time and material.
HDMI, Component, Composite, and/or HDMI to DVI cables, as needed, will be provided with install.

Basic TV Service requires a Digital TV or purchase of a Digital Transport Adapter (DTA) for $49.99

Effective March 1, 2019

Service Description Monthly Rate
Basic Cable TV Service Over 75 channels of Digital TV and 50 digital music channels $79.90
Digital Cable TV with Digital Box Includes Basic Cable TV Service plus 31 digital channels and 50 digital music channels $89.90
Digital Cable TV with a CableCard Includes Basic Cable TV Service plus 31 digital channels and 50 digital music channels. Customer provides their own CableCard ready electronics.** $85.90

Cable TV Service Add-ons to any service level.

Service Description Monthly Rate
HDTV Add 44 HD channels $10.95
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Replaces a VCR with digital video recording features. 2 tuners: record 2 live shows & watch a recording or record 1 live show and watch 1 live show. $9.95
HDTV & DVR Service Add both HD and DVR $16.95

Digital Premium Channels*

Service Description Monthly Rate
HBO Includes HBO, HBO 2, HBO Signature & HBO Family $18.95 per group
Showtime Includes Showtime, Showtime 2, Showtime Showcase & Showtime Extreme $14.95 per group
Cinemax Cinemax, More Max, The Movie Channel & The Movie Channel Extra $12.95 per group
 Starz/Encore Starz, Starz Edge, Starz In Black, Encore, Encore Westerns, Encore Classic, Encore Suspense, Encore Black & Encore Action $12.95 per group
All Digital Premium Channels Includes all Digital Premium Channels $49.95

Additional Cable TV Services

Service Description Monthly Rate
Additional Digital Cable TV Service Add Digital Cable TV Service to  additional TVs $5.95 per TV
Additional Digital CableCard Service* Add a CableCard to additional customer provided CableCard ready electronics** $4.95 per CableCard
HDTV (includes Digital Cable TV) Add HDTV and Digital Cable TV service to additional TVs $8.95 per TV
DVR Add a DVR to additional TVs $8.95 Per TV
HDTV & DVR Add HDTV & DVR to additional TVs $10.95 Per TV
DTA Purchase Digital Transport Adapter for non-digital TVs $49.99 each

* Only with Digital Cable TV Service or HDTV Service.

**A CableCard can be plugged directly into customers’ TVs, DVRs, digital media servers and PCs that are “CableCard Ready” and eliminate the set-top box.

All charges subject to 7% tax and 5% Franchise Fee.