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Osage and Mitchell County Host
Governor Chernogorov
and the Stavropol Delegation.

Left: Mayor Steve Cooper receives a handmade porcelain clock, a gift to the city of Osage, from Alexander Chernogorov, the governor of Stavropol Krai. Stavropol Krai  is Iowa's Russian sister state, and comprises Lermontov, Osage's sister city. Photo courtesy of Mitchell County Press-News 
More about the April 26 visit

A Partnership
Osage, Iowa, USA
Stavropol Krai, Russia

"If you plan for one year,
plant rice.
If you plan for ten years,
plant trees.
If you plan for a hundred years,
educate people"
-Indian Saying

Welcome !

      Sister Cities International (SCI) is a world-wide volunteer non-profit organization.
     Throughout the world, the Sister Cities programs have promoted global community partnerships and citizen diplomacy. Currently, 1,200 U.S cities have 2,100 partners in 125 countries.
          The Osage City Council and Lermontov City Administration finalized the necessary resolutions and the relationship was officially established in the fall of 1992.

Right: Current and past chairpersons and mayors:
Steve Cooper, Mayor of Osage
Sergey Ushakov, Mayor of Lermontov
Dorcas Dorow, Chair of Osage Sister City
Olga Shaposhnikova, Lermontov Chair 1996-2000
Nadezhda Astakhova, Lermontov Chair 2000-2001
Lisa Sergienko, Chair of Lermontov Sister City
Also pictured: Pavel S. Anikin, Lermontov Internet Liaison
See news article about Lisa, the new Chairperson
Alexander Skotarev, Lermontov Chair 1992-1996.

Community Sister City Organization, Inc.
A (501) (C) (3) Charitable Organization
Member Sister Cities International
806 Main Street
Osage, Iowa USA 50461
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