High Speed Internet

High Speed Internet


Cable Modem Packages

Effective July 11, 2018

Speed Residential Business
Lite (2/1 Mbps) $29.95 $29.95
Plus (100/15 Mbps) $49.95 $59.95
Premium (175/25 Mbps) $69.95 $79.95
Ultimate (250/50 Mbps) $99.95 $109.95

Cable modems are included with High Speed service and are the property of OMU.
Lite packages include one e-mail address.

Plus and Higher:
Residential packages include 5 email addresses.
Business packages include 10 email addresses.

Additional Features

Effective March 1, 2016

Integrated Cable Modem/Router $4.95
Static IP address $9.95
Extra dynamic IP addresses $5.00
Additional email addresses $2.00
Anti-spam for one mailbox $1.00
Anti-spam for each additional mailbox per customer $0.50
Anti-spam for additional osage.net emails in the same mailbox Free

Additional Feature Charges are per month 

Minimum Requirements (Operating System)

Windows 7/8/10 (Support for Windows 7 will cease 1/14/2020)
Mac OS X or Later

A computer or a router with an Ethernet connection is required.
For the Ultimate Package a computer or a router with a Gigabit Ethernet Connection is required to achieve maximum download speeds.