ENERGY STAR Appliance Program

Osage Municipal Utilities is offering an ENERGY STAR Appliance Incentive Program. ENERGY STAR qualified appliances use 10 to 50% less energy and water than standard models.  Using less energy not only helps the environment, it also saves you money.

Discover more about ENERGY STAR appliances.

Learn the Details of OMU’s ENERGY STAR Appliance Incentive Program.

Be responsible by properly recycling your old appliance.

Residential Insulation Incentive Program

Are you ready to Save Money and reduce energy consumption?

Here’s How:

1. Select your insulation materials based on the recommendations shown in our Application

2. Pick up a copy of the Iowa Energy Center’s “Home Tightening, Insulation and Ventilation” booklet at OMU or download a copy from the Iowa Energy Center.

3. Then follow the simple instructions on the application to apply for your OMU Insulation Incentive.

Residential Energy Efficient Lighting Program

OMU is offering a T8 and T5 lighting retrofit incentive for OMU residential electric customers. Update your T12 lighting to T8 or T5 florescent lighting in your home, shop or garage. A retrofit replaces existing inefficient lighting including ballast and bulbs or the entire fixture. Energy savings could be up to 35% for T8 retrofits and up to 75% for T5 retrofits depending on hours used. Note: T5s are more expensive so do your homework.

As of January 1, 2015, OMU has added LED fixture (hard-wire) and screw-in lamp incentives to the Residential Lighting Application. LED lighting offers significant advantages over CFLs: longer life, dimmable and instant on.

There is a plenty of information online or check with your lighting specialist.

OMU’s Residential Lighting Incentive Application formats:
PDF format