Other Programs

A/C and Furnace Tune-ups

A properly working home or business cooling and heating system is safer to operate, uses less energy and saves you money. As an incentive to keep your building’s cooling and heating system running at peak efficiency,  OMU offers a twice-a-year $20 CREDIT on qualifying customers’ utility bills. Simply hire one of the following local professionals for your spring cooling and fall heating system tune-up:

Adams Plumbing & Heating 732-5623
Paul’s Plumbing & Heating 732-5924
Stricker Plumbing & Heating 732-4415
Wright Plumbing & Heating 732-5208
Kenny’s Service LLC 832-2473

To qualify, have your heating and cooling contractor complete and return the Osage Municipal Utilities check-list along with a copy of your utility bill after performing your cooling or heating system tune-up. 

Compact Fluorescent Lighting

According to ENERGY STAR, Compact Fluorescent Lights use about 75% less energy than old-style incandescent bulbs, last 6 times longer and save about $6 per year or $40 over the CFL’s life on your electrical bill. To help OMU customers save energy and shop locally, receive a $2/light credit for replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs purchased locally in Osage. To qualify, bring your local receipt and CFL UPC box label to OMU’s office.

Hot Water Heater Blankets

Insulating your electric or natural gas water heater can result in a 4% to 9% energy savings. Pick up a FREE water heater insulting jacket at OMU’s office. Be sure to follow EnergySavers.gov instructions for safety. Insulation is combustible.

Insulated Switch and Outlet Covers

Easily install electrical outlet and switch insulated foam gaskets to reduce air leaks from inside your home or business. Pick up your FREE kit at OMU’s office to reduce drafts, improve your comfort and use less energy.

Low Flow Faucet and Shower Aerators

While since 1992, the Federal energy Act required all faucets and shower heads made in the USA to have a flow rate of no more than 2 gallons per minute (GPM) at 60 PSI. Older fixtures had rates of up to 10 GPM! OMU offers FREE low flow faucet aerators and shower heads to reduce your water usage without loss of pressure and to save you money.
EnergySavers.gov reports water savings of from 25% to 60%. Follow this test to find out if your faucet and shower head needs replacing:

  • Turn the fixture on to its normal position
  • Place a container under the fixture and collect the water for 10 seconds
  • Measure the quantity of water in the container and convert the measurement to gallons (e.g., 0.25 gallons)
  • Multiply the measured quantity of water by 6 to calculate the flow rate in gallons per minute (0.25 gal x 6 = 1.5 GPM).