Credit for Conserving

Your central air conditioning system, when operating at maximum efficiency, uses less electricity and saves you money.  Central air conditioner units requiring routine maintenance may continue operating for many years without revealing anything more than higher electric consumption.  Here are some simple tasks you can do yourself to help your air conditioning unit produce cool air more efficiently:



  • Keep your air filters clean. A 30-day maintenance schedule is a must. Dirty filters ruin more air conditioning systems than any other item.
  • Oil your motor yearly with 3-5 drops of non-detergent quality grade SAE 20 weight motor oil (Caution: Do not over oil).
  • Try to provide shade for your air conditioner. An air conditioner exposed to direct sunlight will use up to 5% more energy than an air conditioner that is shaded.
  • Keep leaves, grass clippings, and other debris away from the grill on your outside unit. They block the air flow and make the unit work harder and longer.  You may use a garden hose to flush out the debris.

Otherwise, for more technical maintenance, call a trained technician who has the instruments, techniques and knowledge to determine if your central air conditioner is performing according to the manufacturer’s energy efficiency rating.  Now, before we enter the cooling season, is the best time to have your residential cooling system tune-up to ensure that it is working at peak efficiency.

As an incentive, Osage Municipal Utilities offers a $20.00 credit against your utility bill to any customer who contracts for an air conditioning tune-up with one of the following plumbing / HVAC contractors:

  • Adams Plumbing and Heating 641-732-5623
  • Kenny’s Service 641-832-2473
  • Stricker Plumbing and Heating 641-732-4415
  • Wright Plumbing and Heating 641-732-5208

To qualify for your credit, simply have your contractor complete the Osage Municipal Utilities check list after they perform your central air conditioning tune-up.  They will bring the completed form along with a copy of your air conditioning tune-up bill to our office and OMU will apply a $20.00 credit to your utility account.


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